My Long Time Hero Died. RIP David Bowie.

I was lucky enough to see Bowie play live twice at the Greek in LA.  I remember both times being blown away from his perfect pitch and flawless performance.  And I will never forget he sang "I'm Afraid of Americans" after he announced his initial dislike of Americans.  Then he said "and this one is because I love Americans."  And sung "Young Americans."

But by far my most favorite song is still Lady Grinning Soul.

Holy Sci Fi

One of my favorite movies is Logan's Run.  Creepy, cringeworthy but oh so much fun!

Missing That 70's Music

Funny how I didn't appreciate music from the 70's until recently.  And not just disco, but the pop and rock.  Lynard Skynard, Earth Wind and Fire - but the song of the day is Disco Lady - Johnnie Taylor.  That song is just plain DIRTY. ;)


#synthpop music

I'm only happy when it rains

I think I am one of the few Los Angeles natives that is excited about when it rains here.  It's inspiring, actually.  There are times of the year where I feel like I am living in the move "Groundhog Day" with the weather here.